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12 Important Lessons I Learned in 2018

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

Monday, December 31st, 2018

Hey! I'm back!

This whole morning, thoughts have been running through my head as I reflected on a discussion of New Year's resolutions with Scott, Vanessa and Hooman last night over ice cream. Rather than blog about what my hopes are for the coming year, I'd rather share the important lessons I've learned in 2018. As painful as these lessons sometimes were, I know I'll carry them with me far into the future. Boy, did I learn a lot.

And without further ado:

Here we go:

It can be hard to stick up for yourself in this business. Sometimes it takes time to muster up the courage to do so. Then sometimes, once you muster up this courage, your emotions get in the way and your plan becomes less productive than you'd hoped. So: Tact is good. Stand up for yourself with tact and grace.

Thanks for your letters, your listening, and your love this past year, JJ.

Most difficult when forming new connections - and when writing this blog!

Shoutout to Bille Bruley for this one.

Just when you think you know who you are, someone new comes into your life and makes you ponder. I'll always appreciate your love and your challenging me, NW.

Dearest Polhemus: Thanks to each of you for letting me know that it's okay to speak my mind. Although it was Nick who said the above to me once after we went for a run in Parachute, each of you helped me to understand that I don't always say exactly what I mean, whether you realized it or not. Nick Kreider, Andrew Hiers and Nathan Ward, I'll always thank you for this, and I love you.

People can surprise you. Try not to write someone off before you get to know them. They may end up being your closest friend or ally.

It, just, always feels better.

You can recite your plans aloud until you're blue in the face, but never know what's going to happen. Remain open and be ready whatever curveball comes your way.

If someone is treating you like sh*t, don't beat yourself up over it.

i.e., it isn't necessarily your fault.

i.e., it isn't always about you.

My dearest Fotina, thanks for joining Scott in talking me off a cliff at our little dining room table this summer. I love and appreciate you SO much!


Put your head down and just get it done. You'll feel better, I promise.

Probably the most important lesson I've learned.

This year certainly was a reminder of that. It would have been a lot harder if I had let the good times pass me by without recognizing them. Cherish every moment, friends.

Sending all of my love, strength, and peace to my friends and family far and wide for a happy and healthy new year!

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