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voice lessons

In addition to performing, Katie has had extensive experience in teaching voice, and recognizes it as a second passion in her life. She teaches online lessons for interested students of all ages and styles from across the globe.


She grew up singing pop, jazz and musical theater before diving headfirst into classical voice lessons as a young singer and values her time and experience in all specialties of singing. 


Her students have achieved goals such as successfully getting into their degree programs, curating and performing their own recitals, learning to sing in public for the first time, and honing on their specific technical skills as singer-songwriters.

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Katie and students.jpg

Katie and a few of her fantastic students making gingerbread houses at Katie's studio party in December 2017.

student reviews

"I had Katie as my vocal coach for 2 years! I started as a beginner knowing absolutely nothing about singing, but Katie helped me so much with my confidence level, technique and just everything about singing (even English as I’m not a native speaker). She is a lovely person with tons of positive energy and she really knows what she’s doing (I mean just listen to her sing and you will know). With her help I got into the musical theater minor at USC. Take her lessons and let the magic happen to you too!" 

-Sunny H.


"Katie is an incredible vocal teacher. I took her course twice because of how amazing it was to work with her. She’s naturally personable and made sure that I was comfortable and at ease. She pays careful attention and finds different ways to help us reach our goal and to also enjoy the process. Katie is incredibly professional with a focus on making sure that I sang in a healthy way to not cause any damage or injury to my vocal chords. Even beyond the course she has given me such a sense of support and I am so thankful to have taken her course. Not only that, just listening to her sing is a testament to how talented she is!"

-Kim An T.

"Katie is a phenomenal vocal teacher!! I had the pleasure of taking classes with her while at USC and her teaching methods really stick! If she ever explained something to me and I didn't understand, she would have alternative methods (yes, plural!) of explanation until it made sense to me. She makes learning to sing an enjoyable experience and definitely helps build up your voice and confidence! Can't recommend her enough!!"

-Michael R.


"Katie Beck has been a true advocate for me over the years! She has always done that little bit extra from finding the most wonderful people to accompany me and sharing her music world with me. I learned a lot from her!"

-Katie A.


Catch the video below of Katie singing her own stylistic version the National Anthem in her hometown

(in her non-operatic voice).

"It's my philosophy that classical vocal training can give you an incredible foundation in any genre that you like to sing in. I've seen this work for friends and students, and it's worked in my own singing life, as well. I will never force a student to sing classically, but I love to share ideas and compare techniques that bring physical and healthy awareness into whatever music they'd like to focus on." 

-Katie Beck

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